Current Quality & Environment Initiative

We have engaged Tonkin & Taylor to conduct nationwide audits on all of Alsco operations from our premises to yours so that we can improve and add value to our Environmental commitments.

Tonkin & Taylor Group of Companies and is a specialist environmental and engineering consultancy providing innovative, cost effective and sustainable solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Ever since its inception, Alsco has been developing and implementing initiatives that protect the quality of its staff, its customers and the environment.


Quality Assurance and Compliance

All Alsco branches work in accordance to the AS/NZS 4146:2000 Laundry Practice; which specifies general laundry practice requirements for commercial and industrial laundries.

Environmental Policy

  • Alsco cares about the environment and we ask our employees, contractors and customers to do the same.
  • Where possible, we reduce our waste quantities by re-using and re-cycling materials.
  • We are reducing our impact on air quality by minimizing and controlling fugitive vapors and odours from materials and equipment used in our operations.
  • We store all solvents and liquids in a sealed and enclosed area in accordance with safety and environmental requirements.
  • We are aware that noise can be a nuisance and a health concern for our staff and neighbors. We endeavor to reduce noise in our workplace by maintaining our equipment in good working order.
  • We are reducing our water and energy consumption where possible because we know it is good for the environment and our bottom line.

Environmental Policy