Alsco Community Service

Giving Back to People

Alsco Community Service

Being fast and efficient does not mean that we at Alsco keep our heads buried in our work. We are very aware of the issues in our community. We are ready to get involved by treating these issues the same way we treat our business tasks: quickly, efficiently and with great care.

We mostly do it by:

  • Donating the supplies that no longer comply to high standards of New Zealand, but still very much usable.
  • Investing our time and effort
  • Lending our staff
  • Coming up with new ways to help

Organizations and Causes in New Zealand

Alsco NZ Organization and Causes

Alsco Community Service helps people in need, animal rescue shelters and even local sports clubs. While the list is much longer, some of our causes include:

  • Auckland City Mission
  • Westpack Rescue Helicopter
  • Auckland SPCA

Knowing that World is a Much Bigger Place

assist Medical Aid Abroad

We are aware that the world is much bigger than or backyard. That is why we are grateful to be able to assist Medical Aid Abroad with their amazing work.

Our supplies found their way to the Pacific Islands, Cambodia, Korea, Tonga and many more.