Why use Alsco Cloth Hand Drying Systems?

Three different dispensers for washroom and hand hygine


Cloth towels are very hygienic.

  • Separate chambers ensure no contact between used and fresh towels – no messy and unhygienic residue to clean up at the end of the day, which is significant in crowded places such as e.g. school washrooms.

Cloth towels dry hands fast.

  • They are strong and absorbent so there’s no waiting around for hands to dry.

Cloth towels are very easy to use.

  • Simply pull down, click, and wipe. When the dispenser is empty, the cloth towel roll is simply replaced with another.


Cloth towels cost significantly less than paper.

  • Less time and money spent on cleaning and removal costs.
  • There is a minimal waste as the dispensers are portion-controlled.
  • No capital outlay cost for dispensers which are provided “free on loan”.


Cloth towels are your environmentally friendly option

  • Young people today are more environmentally aware, therefore their awareness of the advantages of cloth towels aids them in taking responsibility for the future well-being of the planet.
  • The need for landfill space is eliminated – paper towels are not recyclable!
  • The number of trees felled to process paper is also reduced.

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