Prepare your workplace for any civil defence emergency

For the very first time, New Zealand businesses can access emergency equipment in the form of customised modules.

civil defence cabinetsIntroducing unique fully managed modular civil defence systems.

The modules are contained within safe, sturdy floor cabinets with clear glass doors, enabling staff to ‘grab and go’, depending on the nature of the emergency (and in case of evacuation).

Alsco’s Emergency Response Systems provide Warmth and Protection Modules, Safety Helmets, First Aid and Sanitation Modules, Rescue and Entry Modules, Water Torch and Radio Modules, Fire and Spill Kit Modules and Food Modules.

Cabinets and Modules can be expanded according to staff numbers, floor space and existing emergency equipment.

Prepare your workplace for any civil defence emergency.

  • Sturdy floor cabinets
  • Transparent glass doors
  • Customised ‘Grab and go’ modules

civil defence modules

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