Ecosafe Washer

A man in blue uniform holding a machine parts with the Ecosafe Washer at the side

The safest and most effective parts cleaner available! The Alsco Ecosafe Washer outperforms any other parts washer and ensures responsible care for the environment.

Alsco is proud to introduce the safest and most effective parts cleaner available.

Ecosafe Washer

The Alsco Ecosafe Washer eliminates the need for harmful solvents while providing an economical, safe and effective car part cleaning solution. Ideal for engine cleaning and industrial parts washing, the parts Washer provides an environmentally friendly alternative: no harmful chemicals, no fumes, non-toxic, non-flammable, no waste disposal and no health concerns.

Free demo

Available through a fully managed rental program, call us for a free demo and discover the benefits for yourself.

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